Sunday, December 21, 2008

ling's sister wedding dinner (30-5-2008)

quite an old event le .... but now only free to upload it .... haha ....

after went to this dinner, i realised that girls really do spend lots of time on preparing our look before dare to show .... haha ....

we already spare about 2 hours before the dinner start but still not enough time n still being late at the end .... the most embarrassing is we are later than the organizer n need all waitings for our attend .... really so paise !!

as mention before, my geng so addicted on being star ... haha ... sure won't give up any chances to taking as mush as photo as we could .... haha

after the dinner , we went to "xing zuo cafe" chatting .... quite a nice place where design with comfortable sofa .... but .... the cafe was shut down already !!!

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