Friday, February 29, 2008

care + care + ... = pressure + burden

althought i m not borned in rich family but my life are quite easy ..... i no need to worry about eat, wear, working, life, money ..... my parent'll handle all of tat .... my parent are easy to get satisfaction ..... they din ask anythings from 4 of us , they just wish tat we can concentrate on our life --> study hard, so can get better life later !! no matter wat we ask for (money to buy references book, stationery, tution, class trip, delicious meal .....) , no matter how hard their life are at tat time, they also ll try their best to fulfill our required and they didn't ever complaint, either !!
my friends all so jealous n feel happy tat i having such good parent ..... i also din deny tat i m living in such happy life !!! but as for me, sometime too much care n love my parent give, ll become pressure n burden for us without noticed !!! the y treat us so well until we can't let ourself to fail in life or even being not success coz we dun want to let them down or let them disapointed, althought they din ask us for being the best !!

sometime we can't do whatever we want because of their much much much care n love. they too protect us, worried tat we'll getting hurt in life until made us feel 'scare' n 'suffer' for tat !! .... i knew tat they just we live without any obstacle, but we also hav ourown opinion n idea, we also hav the need to try doing anythings to train ourself, we also wish to hav ourown way in life !!

in chinese, tat's "hav child aged 100 years old, worried 99 years" ..... its really truth !! no matter how the child is, they also won't give up the child n give all the best to the child !!

maybe i should be glad of having so much care + love from my parent, without tat, i dun think tat i can't have such happy life !! althought there are also stress, but maybe it ll become a tool which can encourage me to success in future life ..... i'll apprecaite wat they give n wat they did for us, n try my best to make them proud of me !!

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